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Interested in Exploring Further? 

Thank you for showing interest in puppy raising for Guide Dogs for the Blind. You can go to and read several pages of what we do. In the puppy raising section, there is a button to select "puppy raising interest form." You answer the questions and your information will be forwarded to our leaders. There is no obligation in filling in this form and exploring if this volunteer opportunity is right for you! We hope to hear from you!

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Frequently Used Information and Forms for Raisers

We are no longer able to provide links to the forms most frequently used. Each raiser has access to GDB Salesforce for these forms. When a raiser is ready to request a puppy, our leaders will approve and generate Salesforce to email a PPQ (Puppy Placement Questionaire). There is a change in submitting this form. You need to submit it to Salesforce and then it will kick out to leaders and CFR.

You can access the puppy sitter form through Salesforce and after filling it in, email to the sitter and leaders. The sitter will fill in part 2 and return to raiser and leaders. These are important documents for the pup's file to document their behavior in another setting. 

Monthly reports are a valuable document in each puppy's development. Please do in timely manner and remember to hit the "ready for leader" button when you are finished. These reports are referred to as the dog is in formal training. If the dog is displaying an issue, it is helpful for the trainers to know if the issue was also tackled while in raiser home and how it was resolved. 

Prior to recall, you will be directed to do a final report and "Fun Things about My Puppy" form. Contemplate what you would love to share with the person who receives this dog!

Our leaders are always available to coach you through these forms.

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