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Meetings generally follow this pattern: baby puppy raisers, (8-20 weeks of age) meet weekly. The location of meetings vary and Nancy sends out emails every week. The meetings are for 1 hour in the evening.

The older puppies have 2 meetings/month. Our meetings are held on Tuesday evenings, 6:30-8PM. There is a third event every month: an instructional outing, social gathering, etc. We occasionally have impromptu outings and emails are sent out for participants. .An example would be a walk in Washington Park.

Doggie Tales is a great program that we participate in with the Arapahoe County Libraries. It is held on the second Saturday of each month during the school calendar year, 10AM-12PM. It rotates through all of the county libraries. We provide 4 teams of puppies and/or career changed dogs with their raisers or a sitter. Studies show that children reading to dogs improves their confidence and skills. It is an opportunity for our pups to practice their skills in settling quietly for 2 hours and being pet by children. It is also great PR to answer questions about GDB puppy raising.

Arapahoe County Fair is held on the last weekend of July. Our club has a long association with this annual event. We are given a booth and have puppies there both days of the weekend. We are able to field questions about the mission of Guide Dogs for the Blind and what it is like to raise puppies destined to be guide dogs.  

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