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We have 5 puppies in training: KJ, Neruda, Naya, Prancer, and Victory.

Saturn, Lourdes, and Nadal are in formal training in Oregon.

This year, Wendell has graduated as a guide. Jingle career changed and adopted by raiser's family member. Forester retired and living with raiser. Ryoko, Guava, and Jovie have career changed and adopted by their raisers. 

In 2021, MeiMei and Gage graduated as guides. Lindsay career changed for recurring tendonitis and has been adopted by her raisers. Marshall career changed for Stargardts eye condition and graduated from Dogs for Better Lives as a hearing alert dog.. Zena career changed for juvenile cataracts and has graduated as a mobility and PTSD service dog from Freedom Service Dogs.

In 2020, we had 3 dogs graduate as guides: Cascade, Kenzie, and Lillian. Starlet and Kimora career changed and were adopted by their raisers.

In 2019, we had 3 dogs graduate as guides: Saskia, Jamba, and Forum. Jamba retired and is now a diabetic alert dog through Early Alert Canines. Gaius became a breeder. Norahbelle and Wells were career changed and living with raiser families. Wells is a certified therapy dog working in Littleton schools.

In 2018, we had 4 dogs graduate as guides: Feta, Curry, Parfait, and Forester. Feta retired and is adopted by her raiser. Curry retired and was adopted by a club supporter. Halsey became a breeder. Moe was career changed for a medical condition and adopted by her raiser. Newberry was career changed and adopted by his raiser. Eclair was career changed and placed through GDB to adopters. Brittany was career changed and became a service dog through Northwest Service Dogs.

Our club goes back to 1992, but for the sake of space, we are not going back before the development of this website.

Please see GALLERY for photos. Also, cj\heck out our Facebook page for pictures of recent events and updates on our dogs in formal training. Access is through the blue F in upper right hand corner. You can view our page without your own account..

On our CALENDAR page, you can subscribe to our calendar to have schedule drop into your personal Google calendar.

IAs we emerge from COVID restrictions, we are following state and county guidelines along with GDB guidelines. Dogs are in raiser homes longer than usual as GDB is catching up to pre-COVID recall ages. Our meetings and outings are outdoors as much as possible. Any descriptions on this website are referring to pre-COVID times .

Puppy Health

In a true emergency, take puppy to vet or ER clinic, then notify leaders.

Most health issues can be discussed with and advised by leaders.

  • vomiting

  • diarrhea

  • limping

  • possible ingestion of non-food object

Pre-authorization by GDB for non-routine vet visits over $150.

If puppy is lost or has run, call leaders as you start search. A search party will quickly be formed to help you!


FAQs for Raisers

My puppy needs a larger coat

  • Call Carmen in advance. All coats are now distributed by CFR and need time to get a new one.

My puppy's gentle leader is too small, damaged, lost, want a different color.

  • Call Carmen. She has the club stock.

My puppy needs a different size crate.

  • Call Kathy. She has the club stock. You can make arrangements to get the correct size. All crates must be cleaned thoroughly and sanitized and disassembled properly before given back to Kathy.

  • Kathy also has the club ex-pens. 

My puppy has chewed his Nylabone down pretty small.

  • Too small toys become choking hazards. Please throw them away. Lizz sells the approved GDB toys for our puppies and gifts you can buy. See the documents page for link to approved toys.

Saskia & horse.JPG


Contact Carmen Moyer. See Contact Page.

  • We ask that you attend 3 consecutive training meetings . They are free and you will be very welcomed by all!

If you have interest in pursuing further, Carmen will give you an application to become a puppy sitter, the first step to raising.

  • Prior to puppy sitting, the leaders will arrange a home visit. A fence check is done along with meeting all pets you have. They will have GDB puppies with them for your animals to meet. The leaders will discuss with you the timing of puppy sitting based on your opportunities to handle puppies at meetings and your comfort and knowledge base. 

If/when you feel ready to begin puppy raising, it will be a cooperative decision between you and the leaders. We always want it to be a positive experience!!!

I'm interested in joining
Pupy Health